Friday, September 26, 2008

Nick Rewind on Itunes

My sis (girl eating plywood in my blog header), just sent me some info about this thing on Itunes called "Nick Rewind" There are 2 volumes, and basically for 10 bucks you get 7 episodes from old Nickelodeon shows like Rocket Power, Doug, Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, Catdog, AHH real monsters, and some other stuff.

Pretty cool.

How to Dress Like Richie Tenenbaum Pt.2

The next step is the headband. Sadly, the headband used in the film is an authentic Bjorn Borg from the 70's and is no longer in production. Still, eBay can again help.

The problem with most headbands is that they are thick, and if you wear them on your head they "poof" your hair up. A solution is to look on eBay for retro headbands. The picture above is a headband I found on eBay, and got for around 3 dollars. Sadly, eBay doesn't have any FILA headbands so you will just have to type into the search "vintage athletic headband," and hope something nice comes up.

How to Dress Like Richie Tenenbaum PT.1

So you want to look like Richie Tenenbaum from the Royal Tenenbaums?

Step 1: shades. In my last post I mentioned that Wes Anderson uses Vuarnet sunglasses. You can find a bunch of pairs that look like these on eBay. Below I have listed a few that are up for bidding as we speak.

Richie Shades 1

Richie Shades 2

If you have seen The Royal Tenenbaums you know it is all about the shades. These go anywhere from 30-45 bucks so don't be fooled by the high "buy it now prices."

New Shadezzz

Just so everyone knows, Wes Anderson uses Vuarnet sunglasses in his movies. This includes Richie Tenenbaum's sick shades as well as Adrian Brody's in The Darjeeling Limited.

Just got myself my first pair on eBay.

Awesome Headphones

Just found these headphones. So tight.

You can get them here